A triumphant collaboration, the track blends the group’s London electronica with the vocal talents of Memphis-based, indie hip-hop don Count Bass D.
Despite radically different musical and cultural backgrounds both artists have developed a great respect for each other’s work and come together to create a unique and moving track. Seamlessly combining the best of post Daft Punk, European dance production with big room hip-hop vibes, in a moving tale of resolve and determination in the face of great adversity. Read more

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The Young Punx are pleased to announce that their forthcoming single ‘Ready For The Fight’ is one of the title tracks on EA Games highly anticipated Fight Night Round 4.

The song features prominently in the game which is expected to sell several million copies across the globe. MofoHifi records have already been inundated with requests for the track from gamers from across the world and have consequently set up a limited release of the single on iTunes.

The inspiring hip hop mashup track features guest vocals from respected US rapper Count Bass D and has already been described by AOL’s influential gaming site ‘Flytrap’ as one of the top ten songs of all time to feature in a computer game.

The track will have a full release later in the year, with a video being cut by cult artist Han Hoogerbrugge.

Listen to Ready for the Fight on YouTube.

Buy the track on iTunes (LINK FOR USA / CANADA)

Buy the track on iTunes (LINK FOR MOST OF THE REST OF THE WORLD)

To find out about this track read about it in the NEWS SECTION ARTICLE.

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