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Polymath burst onto the scene earlier this year with his ragbag full of samples and cartload of ideas. Martin Gowans aka Polymath has a taste for things that shine and a devilish eye for detail, cutting and shutting the least obvious of samples otherwise left to rust, welding and polishing them into pure monster dancefloor incarnations.

Bigwig Radio One jox, the likes of Kissy Sellout and Andy George gave way to Polymath’s door knocking, and so far this year the wee young Scot has notched up no less than twelve prime ‘electronica’ time Radio One spins.

Now ahead of issuing a brand new EP in early 2011, MofoHifi are pleased to release one of Polymath’s earlier master classes in sample shapeshifting.

The sound of Studio 54, gin & tonic and a gold brick being dropped into a blender at 5am, the 4-track ‘My Way To Surf EP’ may be loud, brash, glitched and ripped but it’s as funky as you like. Smoke that.

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Automation Addiction is the stunning debut album from Los Angeles based painter and musician Max Neutra. Assembled over 10 years using a surreal array of musical toys and hacked electronics, and created in splendid isolation from the commercial pressures of radio playlists, record reviews and DJ chart returns, Automation Addiction is a deeply personal expression of one man’s escapist love of electronic sounds, creating something simultaneously bizzare and leftfield yet also endearing and engaging.

Prepare to enter a unique world where naive bleeps and perky melodies mingle with circuit broken chaos and sci-fi madness, telling a story of mankind’s relationship with technology, and his place in the cosmos; where computers can love, where humans send cosmic greetings into space, and where one day, the aliens may come to us, in search of our music. Read more

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Fantastic Plastic Machine (FPM), AKA Totoyuki Tanaka is one of the most exciting producers to come out of Japan since the international breakthrough of his friend and regular collaborator Shinichi Osawa (Data / Southern Fried). Building fantastically intricate and fascinating club tracks from insane glitchy edits merging eclectic influences from hard rock to lounge and bossa, FPM delivers a vibrant combination of intelligent production with club attitude. A massive personality with amazing stage presence, FPM is a well established legend in his native Japan, but expect to be hearing much more from him internationally in 2010 / 2011 with the release on MofoHifi of most recent album entitled simply “FPM”.

As a warm up, Fantastic Plastic Machine turns his attention to the most recent single release from The Young Punx “SugarCandySuperNova” giving the electro disco track a deranged glitched rock guitar makeover.

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The Young Punx
Never Die (Polymath Remix)

The Young Punx’ Nu Disco anthem, as supported by the likes of Kissy Sellout gets a glitchy underground disco mayhem reworking by Scotland’s electro disco ones to watch Polymath. Following Radio One support from the likes of Kissy Sellout and Andy George and Jaymo, look out for a hot new Polymath EP on MofoHifi later this year.

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Italian-born wunderkind and producer to watch Phonat follows up his critically acclaimed debut album with the Cockroaches EP, a 4 track slice of underground electronica. Eschewing the temptation to cash in on his album’s tastemaker plaudits with a commercial banger, Phonat remains as original and adept as ever, choosing to paint an introspective and edgy audio picture of his Dalston junction bedsit and club culture environment, perfect for murky nights in and sweaty backroom bassbins.
Cockroaches, Spliff Dub, Intimate Confessions and The Microwave FX are the titles and perhaps they say it all. Dubstep, glitch and french house are the main influences – but created in a unique and totally original way, presenting his own take on the atmosphere of London’s underbelly.
Watch out for guest vocal snippets on “Spliff Dub” provided by one of London’s hottest grime MCs, Dizzee Rascal’s protegee – ‘Footsie’ from the Newham Generals.
Phonat is now back in the studio working on new tracks, so expect more surprises from this constantly fresh young artist later in the year on MofoHifi Records.

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The lovechild of sleazy East London disco and jpop-esque female vocals, Laura Kidd’s perky performance adds vocal bounce to the track’s twisted disco vibe. Perfect for late-night, back-alley antics ‘SugarCandySuperNova’ is the Punx latest offering to be lifted from current album ‘Mashpop & Punkstep’.

Calling in remix favours from fellow stirrers of the scene MofoHifi have put together a world class remix package. First in the party is Per QX, self proclaimed leader of the Dalston Gay mafia and founder of Gutterslut, creating a gritty electro workout. Meanwhile LA’s Acid Girls bring their own unique blend of cool weird electro to the party. Superfrank arrives armed with guitar blended big beats and Redroche provides the massive big room house banger. Read more

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At last, on vinyl, the ‘Mashpop and Punkstep Club Mixes Volume 1′.


Side A

Never Die (Part 2)

SugarCandySuperNova (Per QX mix)

Side B

Juice & Gin (Riva Starr mix)

Ready For The Fight (Black Noise mix)

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At last Phonat Vinyl is available to buy!!

Side A

1) Set Me Free – Avicii Remix

2) Set Me Free – Extended Mix

Side B

1) Love Hits The Fan

2) It’s For You (N.B – The vinyl is wrongly advertised as B2 being ‘Ho Visto Quadro Verde)

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This time the Italian wonderkid gives his own personal take on the French house sound with a groovy twisted number, characteristically chopping up, glitching and re-pitching many different singers performing the word “love” to create a melody which is simultaneously an abstract deconstruction of pop lyrics, and also a catchy hook in its own right.

On the remix front new French prodigy Bestrack gives the track a career defining makeover taking Phonat’s original concept and extending it into an epic and entrancing journey through a variety of styles.

<em>‘Love Hits The Fan’</em> is complemented by a visually stunning CGI video which has set the blogs alight in its first week on Youtube. Produced  by Rocco Pezzella and the “Savants Collective” – who develop all of Phonat’s artwork and his MTV play-listed video for “Set Me Free” in 2009 – this beautiful promo re-enforces MofoHifi Records’ long standing policy of eschewing traditional routes for video development, instead partnering their acts with independent visual artists who work hand in hand with the musicians to create new and exciting visuals.

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(Veröffentlichung und verfügbar in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz ab den 14.05.10. // Japan, Australia, NZ out June)

The Young Punx return for their second studio album, a startling and inventive exploration of the deliberate destruction of genre boundaries in electronic music. Probably the first album in history to have toyed with drum and bass, heavy metal, electropop and cuban timba within the first 5 minutes (!) “Mashpop and Punkstep” is a vibrant manifesto for the next generation of mashup music. Featuring the epic collaboration with Memphis hip hop Don ‘Count Bass D’ – “Ready For the Fight” (already heard as the theme music for EA Games “Fight Night 4″ and as official entry music for world middleweight champion Arthur Abraham), the J-pop electro disco of SugarCandySuperNova and the Ragga House of “Juice and Gin” the album spans Puccini Opera, Punk rock, hip hop, synth pop, Japanese rock and much more…

“[The Young Punx are...] jubilantly shredding genre boundaries, swooping like crack crazed Magpies to grab their favourite shiny bits with maniacal gusto” – Clash Magazine

(Availability note – though you can buy it on import now from Amazon etc, full release in the USA, Germanic countries, Japan and Australia will roll out over the late spring/early summer)

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A triumphant collaboration, the track blends the group’s London electronica with the vocal talents of Memphis-based, indie hip-hop don Count Bass D.
Despite radically different musical and cultural backgrounds both artists have developed a great respect for each other’s work and come together to create a unique and moving track. Seamlessly combining the best of post Daft Punk, European dance production with big room hip-hop vibes, in a moving tale of resolve and determination in the face of great adversity. Read more

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Phonat’s breakthough uplifting house meets whatever anthem “Set Me Free” get a fresh set of awesome remix makeovers to suit every dancefloor.

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The Young Punx, a collective of musical miscreants, led by maverick multi-instrumentalist Hal Ritson, have been steadily building a name for themselves over the past couple of years. With remixes for the likes of Autocrats and Mighty Dubcats under their belt, 2010 will see the release of their new album ‘Mashpop & Punkstep’, but ahead of that they’ve pulled together a tasty little Remix EP to whet the appetite…

Heading the EP is Black Noise’s electro crack house take on ‘Ready For The Fight’, which sees the south coast trio throw a heap of Mr Oizo-esque sub bass and beats at the already heavy Count Bass D collaboration. Scene veteran Shinichi Osawa steps up to the plate next turning the guitar driven ‘Rockstar (Understand)’ into a bleep-laden vehicle, destined for the dancefloor.

House man of the moment Riva Starr gives ‘Juice & Gin’ a techy makeover in his own inimitable style, plundering the best synths to create another messy dancefloor affair. Rounding things up is a double hitter of re-workings of ‘MashitUp’ the single released earlier this year to DJ and dancefloor acclaim. Kam Denny takes the electro-pop of the original, adds a tougher edge and builds to a climax which will leave you in no doubt as to how he’s cemented his position as one of Australia’s finest producers and remixers. Fellow Ozzie and young upstart Junior Black completes the set with a vocal-introed mash-up (for want of a better word) punctuated with synths and beeps in all the right places.

With their second longplayer due for imminent release and a double a-side single package coming soon, The Young Punx are now making moves up the ladder and are sure to be coming to a radio station, dancefloor or live venue near you soon…

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The Young Punx are a busy bunch. Remixing, producing and performing have kept them almost constantly busy over the past two years, but somehow they’ve found the time to get back in the studio and finish their own album. ‘Mashpop & Punkstep’ is due for release early next year, but in the meantime the collective drop a double a-side single to whet the appetite…

First up is ‘Simple Pleasures’, featuring vocals from Laura Kidd and Yolanda Quartey, this is a rolling trip of a track, opening with 1970’s influenced punk vocals and ending in d&b toastings. Proof if ever it was needed that a hooky riff, strong bassline and love-based lyrics are a timeless blend.

Meanwhile ‘Like Dat’ is a murkier affair, combining Memphis rap, old school hip hop grooves, rock guitars and a uniquely filthy London bassline, ably ridden by Count Bass D’s commanding flow. An almost improvised gem, the Count’s vocals were the first continuous take, recorded immediately after they had been penned and guitar legend Guthrie Govan’s solo was again a first take, this time with him playing having never heard the track before.

The Young Punx themselves are a fluid collective, in demand as remixers, producers, DJs and a band, they draw on breaks, rock, hip hop, electro and even pop to create their own unique and un-genrefiable sound. A sound that has already seen them release one album to critical acclaim, gaining praise from the likes of Pete Tong, Annie Nightingale and Clash magazine along the way.
With their second longplayer due for imminent release The Young Punx are now making moves up the ladder and are sure to be coming to a radio station, dancefloor or live venue near you soon…

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“It’s been described as an Acid House Bohemian Rhapsody, it takes in 25 styles during it’s course, I like it” – Rob da Bank on BBC Radio 1

“This guy F**ks with all the rules” – Norman Cook

“Learn to Recycle is six minutes of utterly unique music” – IDJ

“Phonat has frequently stunned us with his none-more-innovative productions over the last few years, coming across like a hyperactive Daft Punk on happy pills…… By the end, you’re exhausted, perplexed, flabbergasted, and left with the feeling that all other music is boring, unimaginative, repetitive trash. Wow. 10/10″ – Data Transmission

Unique, innovative, rule breaking, genre-spanning….just a few of the plaudits that have been used to describe the works of Phonat, the seven foot mop-haired Italian who’s been catching the ears and attention of the ever intangible ‘tastemaking set’ over the past few months.

Annie Mac, Annie Nightingale, Andy George, Rob da Bank and Pete Tong have all been championing the producer since last year, when singles ‘Incredible Sound’, ‘Ghetto Burning’ and ‘Learn To Recycle’ marked him as one to watch for 2009 and beyond. Now readying the release of his eponymous debut album, Phonat has created a panoply of chopped up riffs swirled around murky basslines, a world where guitar-driven dancefloor fillers meet bleep-filled fantasies for fun, friendship and possibly more.

Originally from Florence, Italy, Phonat (aka Michele Balduzzi) was first spotted by MofoHifi Records on MySpace and they were so impressed with the 21 year old that the loving label bosses persuaded him to leave his parents’ idyllic country farm in Florence and move to a bed sit in Canning Town. Armed only with a five-year-old computer and an electric guitar Phonat dutifully relocated to London in late 2007 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Drawing on every vein of dance music, from hip hop to house, garage to breaks Phonat’s expert use of a vocal hook is also evident, most noticeably on the Yolanda vocalled ‘Ghetto Burning’ and next single ‘Set Me Free’ – where classic 80s style rock vocals sit atop a stacatto-synthed stomper.

Phonat may have arrived on the scene late last year, but with DJ bookings and remix requests coming in from across the world and his album ready to hit the streets, 2009 is set to be an busy year for the big Italian.

‘Phonat’ by Phonat is released on MofoHifi Records on September 21st. ‘Set Me Free EP’, featuring remixes from Avicci, Louis La Roche and High Rankin was out August 24th.


1. A Warm Welcome
2. Get Down My Dirty Street
3. Set Me Free
4. Ghetto Burnin’
5. Love Hits The Fan
6. Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde
7. It’s For You
8. Learn To Recycle
9. The Big Deal
10. Zombie Army
11. Bad Boy
12. London

Available at all major sellers.

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Massive new club anthem on MofoHifi Records, with groundbreaking remix from Phonat.
London based electro producer Sharooz was first introduced to the dance world by MofoHifi in 2006 with his debut release “Hell Yeah!” which received over twenty BBC Radio One plays and featured on numerous high profile compilations.
Three-years on and his star is still rising. Sharooz’s productions can now boast a clutch of leading taste-maker fans including 2 Many DJs, Moby, Mylo, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, and Kissy Sell Out; an appeal which hasn’t gone unnoticed by club promoters, securing him DJ bookings in Serbia, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, USA and France. After topping many of the main dance download charts earlier this year with “Get Off”, Sharooz is back with his third release on MofoHifi – “Adrenalize”.
Adrenalize is a tough, big room crowd pleaser combining his trademark simple biting basslines and epic builds, with a triumphant piano break that has been raising the roof in Ibiza over the past few weeks.
Early support for the track comes from Fake Blood, Steve Aoki, Meat Katie, Grum, Dada Life, The Young Punx and many others and it looks set to be one of the underground dance records of the year.
On remix duties, MofoHifi artist Phonat, building up to the release of his forthcoming debut album ‘Phonat’, delivers a radical and innovative remix that creates a sound fusing the worlds of Dubstep and French house. Never one to deliver a predictable sound, the seven-foot Italian has been inspired by the increasing integration of the Dubstep scene into mainstream Ibiza clubs such as “Reclaim the Dancefloor” to create a Dubstep influenced groove that can be easily dropped by house DJs in their steps without changing tempo.

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Italian producer Phonat has been catching the ears of a fair few tastemakers with his last few single and EP releases.  Add the likes of Annie Mac, Annie Nightingale, Andy George, Tiesto and Pete Tong to the list above and you can see why the lofty Italian has been marked out as one to watch this year.

Now, ahead of his eponymous debut album due out in September, Phonat releases ‘Set Me Free’ a staccato-synthed stomper of a track, where classic 80’s rock vocals provide the support.  A standout from the forthcoming album, Phonat hasn’t skimped on remixers with the first coming courtesy of Avicii, the latest ‘made’ man in the Swedish House Mafia.  Proving his pedigree Avicii chops vocals and swirls synths to create a hands in the air Balearic bomb, early copies of which are already becoming staples in the record boxes of the more discerning DJ.

Bleeps and basslines are the order of the day on High Rankin’s re-rub as the dubstep dandy leads listeners to the dancefloor, albeit down a slightly murkier back route, before Louis La Roche’s Reconstruction adds a tougher, twisted edge to complete the package

With previous singles ‘Incredible Sound’, ‘Ghetto Burning’ and ‘Learn To Recycle’ Phonat (aka Michele Balduzzi) has showcased his ability to draw on every vein of dance music, from hip hop to house, garage to breaks and left fans eager to hear more.  Now with DJ bookings and remix requests coming in from across the world and his album ready to hit the streets, 2009 is set to be a busy year for the big Italian.  Not bad for a man who arrived in London from Florence little over a year ago with just a guitar and a five-year-old computer.

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The Young Punx team up with their Japanese label buddy Shinichi Osawa with this full throttle remix of forthcoming Young Punx single ‘Rock Star (Understand)’. This banging hard glitch remix went straight to number one in the Japanese iTunes electronic chart on release! Shinichi Osawa is one of the worlds most exciting producers and needs no introduction following his UK releases on Data (Star Guitar) and Southern Fried (The One).

The Young Punx perform "Rock Star (Understand)" live in Japan, July 2009.

The Young Punx perform "Rock Star (Understand)" live in Japan, July 2009.

‘Rock Star (Understand)’ will feature on The Young Punx new album (Mashpop and Punkstep) which is due out later this year. The song itself is a reworking of a song called ‘Understand’ by the Yokohama based band Asian Kung Fu Generation who have sold over 10 million albums. The Young Punx performed with Asian Kung Fu Generation, Hard Fi and The Manic Street Preachers on July 20th in Yokohama to over 25,000 fans.

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(NB This release is not yet available in North America)

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Brand new project from MofoHifi Records Goshi Goshi are already creating a massive buzz. Their first single ‘The Lock Shot’ was Kissy Sellout’s record of the week and also championed on Radio 1 by Andy George and Jaymo. Goshi Goshi have since been commissioned to remix for Kitsune.

Kissy Sell Out – BBC Radio 1 – Young Blood Single of the Week “That is a good tune man. ”

Jerry Bouthier M8 …..Mofohifi have just signed fresh new talent Goshi Goshi to their imprint and you better watch out as this is one hot tune. ‘The Lock Shot’ goes for almost every trick in the book, it’s a programmer/producer’s goldmine, packed with ideas and silly noises tailored to drive crazy any dancefloor. (Jerry Bouthier, Kitsune / M8)

Micky Slim – “This is fuckin’ awesome! Sick!”

The Young Punx – “Front of the box… top of the chart. Ravey fidgety goodness to totally rock the dance floor.” -

Haszari’s 2 cents (tastemaker blog) – “Great stuff – Highly recommended” -

Jaymo BBC Radio 1 Yoyo!! Lock shot is wicked mate, enjoying it a lot!”

Dave Dresden “what do you call this music? cut n paste? grime? what?
im totally feeling it whatever it is.”

Don Diablo “Cool stuff dude! Looking forward to hearing the remixes!”

Moussa Clarke “played it on saturday in copenhagen and the floor loved

James Blond “dude, im lovin it!
just ripped it to play in my sets this weekend, this really is KILLER
9/10 bud, full support x”

James Ussher “Liking the tune..suitably mad…mashitit up still
massive..but this will do well…8/10″
Flash Brothers “Thanks simon! its a rocking funky electro house track, like it.”
Foamo “thanks tho man, proper love it… been playing it lots and lots like jelly tots”
Lewis Dene “A crazy track with a real Young Punx feel to it… Thanks”
Jason Herd “really in to this track, will be playing”

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NEWS UPDATE : Due to wide scale industry interest in the act, MofoHifi Records have now licensed The Lock Shot, and 2 further new Goshi Goshi tracks to Southern Fried Records.

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The Young Punx are pleased to announce that their forthcoming single ‘Ready For The Fight’ is one of the title tracks on EA Games highly anticipated Fight Night Round 4.

The song features prominently in the game which is expected to sell several million copies across the globe. MofoHifi records have already been inundated with requests for the track from gamers from across the world and have consequently set up a limited release of the single on iTunes.

The inspiring hip hop mashup track features guest vocals from respected US rapper Count Bass D and has already been described by AOL’s influential gaming site ‘Flytrap’ as one of the top ten songs of all time to feature in a computer game.

The track will have a full release later in the year, with a video being cut by cult artist Han Hoogerbrugge.

Listen to Ready for the Fight on YouTube.

Buy the track on iTunes (LINK FOR USA / CANADA)

Buy the track on iTunes (LINK FOR MOST OF THE REST OF THE WORLD)

To find out about this track read about it in the NEWS SECTION ARTICLE.

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“My favourite song so far of 2009… it’s really amazing. lots of wicked rifts that go real mental”- Jaymo and Andy George on Radio 1 covering for Annie Mac.

“this guy F**ks with all the rules” – Norman Cook

The eagerly awaited new EP from the Italian prodigy paves the way for his debut album release this spring.

The “Set Me Free EP” is a follow up to the innovative and critically acclaimed “Learn to Recycle” which was celebrated as one of the most adventurous pieces of electronic music to be released in 2008 and was described as the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody for the acid house generation’.
Support has come thick and fast for Phonat from top DJ’s such as Annie Mac, Annie Nightingale, Andy George, Rob Da Bank, Herve, Kissy and Pete Tong.

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“Set Me Free”

“Set Me Free” is an uplifting and inspirational club track which draws together three separate themes from current house music – disco revivalism, rave revivalism and wonky fidget. It combines them in a fresh sounding summer anthem that unifies many aspects of underground dance within one, highly accessible track and shows that dance music, so often divided aggressively by sub genre, can unite defined by its similarities more than its differences.

The EP also contains a re-edit of “Set Me Free” by East London Nu Disco outfit, Tasmanian Disco Stampede, re-focussing the track on its more funky elements, for more disco based dancefloors.

“Get Down My Dirty Street”

“Get Down My Dirty Street” is a unique and entertaining track, created from tiny fragmented micro-samples of different songs; rock, country, pop, soul, rap and metal, which start off playing as a stark disjointed chaos and slowly coalesce into a cohesive whole and then wonderfully form an upbeat party breaks bomb. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

“Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde” – (“I’ve Seen a Green Picture”)

Finally, “Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde” shows off Phonat’s more minimal side – a trippy yet bouncey stripped back club tool which explores the sparse soundscapes, yet doing so with a sense of charm and humour so rarely seen in that field!

The track name translates from Phonat’s native Italian as “I’ve Seen a Green Picture” and is derived from a drunken bet with a friend made when he was living in his native Florence, in which they invented a variety of surreal and ridiculous pretend song names, and bet that one day ‘when they were successful’ they would be able to release an album that actually included one of the names in the tracklisting!

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MofoHifi Records is proud to announce 2 mixes of their infectious ragga house party anthem “Juice and Gin” as part of the early club promo for their forthcoming 2nd album “Mashpop and Punkstep”.

Featuring vocals from Bristol’s Yolanda Quartey (who also sang on their 2007 track “You’ve got to…”) the track has already received early support from the likes of David Guetta, BBC Radio 1 (In new DJs we trust), Loose Cannons on Kiss FM and Jason Nevins

The ‘1.5 club mix’ is the original Young Punx demo of the track, taken from The Young Punx Japan–only mini album “1.5”.

Meanwhile on remix duties one of The Young Punx’s favourite producers of the moment, Southern Fried’s Riva Starr, retools the track as an infectious fidgety banger blending Yolanda’s party shouts with his trademark electro rave groove.

The album “Mashpop and punkstep” will be released during 2009 and also includes collaborations with US rappers MC Paul Barman and Count Bass D, including the awesome “Ready for the fight” which has already been featured on several computer games and TV shows including the US coverage of the Superbowl, prior to release.


Andy George (INDWT BBC Radio 1) Played on Radio 1 9th January.

David Guetta – “This is such an interesting sound for me right now. I’m hearing a lot about you. Keep sending me your newest hottest productions”

Michael Gray – “It’s gone on the wallet. Both are great”

Grumm “…a solid club tune! It’ll do the business”

Damian Wilson (CR2 Records) “liking this, will be playing the Dub”

Kid Massive “wicked remix from Riva Starr.. feelin this one!! gonna be dropping this one for sure…”

David Vega (MOS Radio) “Really liking this, sounding great. Will definitely sit well on our playlist.”

Adam Sky (Adamski) “both mixes sound good to me…”

Moussa Clarke “…this is a brilliant tune! Been playing it loads”

Per Q X “Love the track! I played playing it at fabric’s new years day party and the place went mental, also included it twice on the Gutterslut show on push fm.This is massive for me. Also put it as numberone of my list of top tree big tracks for 2009 in Qx magazine.”

Gregor Salto “Nice one! Thanks, Riva Starr on faya!”

Stupid Fresh “More of this stuff please mate! Top notch.”

Breakdown “Like The Riva Starr mixes ”

Mr Cormac “This is killer

Robert Owens “Love it, both mix’s are sure to rock the dance floor, respect”

Paul Emanuel “Love this!”

Mark Picchiotti “Thanks for the track. FANTASTIC! So simple but so effective. It jacks all the bodies on the dancefloor”

Nathan C (The Tastemakers) “Ah mate…. love THAT!! So jackin, groovy and cool
Full support”

D.O.N.S. ‘ I really like the track’

Loose cannons (fader) ‘ “Been loving the Riva Starr dub on
our kiss show…’

Lewis Dene ‘It’s catchy mate…’

Jason Nevins ‘ The track is wicked’

James Blond ‘I’m lovin it, its wicked! defo in my sets this weekend,
9/10, im defo on this’

Glen Future Funk Squad ‘yeah man! very crossover party track’

Calvertron ‘Thanks Mate! Wicked track’

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Continuing the Northern English tradition of legendary Electro Pop, Deltawave present their much anticipated album ‘Discophobia’, a stunning album bridging the gap between dark electro pop hooks and Indie sensibility.

Gaining airplay from XFM and the BBC and bolstered by strong live performances, the band has built up a loyal following in their hometown of York and gained national exposure by supporting Shed Seven on their national Tour.

Not only are Deltawave active on the live circuit but are building a strong following on tastemaker blogs, especially with their cover of Sister Sledge’s “Lost in Music” which was produced for the legendary Buffet Libre ‘Rewind’ Project. The track was one of the top 10 most blogged tracks on for several weeks in 2008.

Fronted by producer/singer/songwriter Andy Firth, Deltawave were discovered on MySpace by the MofoHifi label, who couldn’t believe that they weren’t signed, trekked all the way to York to see them live and signed them on the spot!   MofoHifi has gained a reputation over the past couple of years for developing some of the most promising new electronic talents, including Phonat (“Easily one of the best secret weapon tracks we have heard in some time” –, The Young Punx (“I love The Young Punx. I’m a big fan” – Fatboy Slim) and Goshi Goshi (“Yoyo!! Lock shot is wicked mate, enjoying it a lot!” – Jaymo (Radio 1 INMWT)), and the label is delighted to add Deltawave’s debut album to their catalogue.

Following the release of the ‘Strychnine and Soda’ EP, the debut album ‘Discophobia’ is on release now.

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Inspired by a piece of graffiti found in the Amsterdam red light district, The Young Punx continue their trademark genre defying style creating a track which mashes the best of Wonky Fidget, orchestral disco strings and oldskool Rap.

“I’ve Got Speakers As Big As Your Girl” will appear on their forthcoming second album and also appears on their Japanese release “1.5”.

The Young Punx; led by inventive multi-instrumentalist and producer, Hal Ritson, have been building themselves quite a reputation of late. Resisting easy definition by continuing to deliver fresh sounding, first-class electronic music, coupled with a string of hugely popular remixes for the likes of Sonny J, Mighty Dub Katz and Giant Jnr, The Young Punx are becoming one of London’s hottest exports. Drawing on an eclectic fusion of influences – breaks, house, rock, pop and electro – to create a sound loosely coined as “mashpop and punkstep”, they get ready to release their second album in Spring 2009.

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Take one wayward bootlegger, a damn fine Hammond organ-driven blues rock track and a perky Jack Russell and you have the (unusual) ingredients for one of the most loved tracks of this summer – ‘I’m a Man’.

Originally performed by The Spencer Davies Group and Steve Winwood and recently reintroduced to the public via a singing Jack Russell dog with a confidence crisis in the latest television VW adverts, ‘I’m a Man’ is the kind of track that demands you get funky.

Since the adverts release in early 2008, and its subsequent ban following accusations by concerned dog-hugging Crufts fans that the Jack Russell ‘hero’ may have been in someway mistreated to look nervous, the advert has received unprecedented public interest with over 970,500 hits on Youtube alone!

The VFX Supervisor on the ad shoot, Stephane Allender, was keen to strenuously set the dodgy doggy rumour mill right: “All of the interior shots of him trembling and cowering – those were all reactions he could do on command. Not only were no animals harmed during the making of this film – they weren’t even disconcerted!”

The allusive mash-up artist and bootlegging impresario, Medcab, has achieved a contemporary reworking of ‘I’m a Man’ that lifts the best bits of the original and redefines them for 2008 – we’re talking about a funk-fuelled, party / breaks hybrid track of epic proportions!

Medcab has already received numerous spins on BBC Radio 1 with his cover of ESG’s ‘Dance’ and ‘The Roof Is On Fire’. Supporters include Jo Whiley, Annie Mac, Judge Jules and Chappers & Dave, as well as top Tastemaker DJs such as Tim Sheridan, Seb Fontaine and Andy Gardener (Plump DJs) amongst many others…

When asked about the track Medcab explains, ‘Well, it’s just a phenomenal track. My Girlfriend switched me onto it. Every time it came on the TV she would turn the volume up and sing along – it was basically either put the record out myself or keep listening to her dodgy version of it!’

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Disco meets electro in this club classic from the punx. “Fashions come and fashions go, but disco, it will never die”.

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The first single from The Young Punx second album, featuring vocals from Laura Kidd, awesome ravey fidgety mixes from Shir Khan and Goshi Goshi and an insane new video from Han Hoogerbrugge!

The Young Punx; an innovative collective of diverse musicians led by inventive multi-instrumentalist and producer, Hal Ritson, have been building themselves quite a reputation of late. Resisting easy definition by continuing to deliver fresh sounding, first-class electronic music, coupled with a string of hugely popular remixes for the likes of Sonny J, Mighty Dub Katz and Giant Jnr, The Young Punx are becoming one of London’s hottest exports. Drawing on an eclectic fusion of influences – breaks, house, rock, pop and electro – to create a sound loosely coined as “mashpop and punkstep”, they get ready to release their second album in Spring 2009.

MASHitUP is its first single release, a fine slice of quality breakbeat driven electro pop featuring a killer punky vocal from ‘new girl on the block’ Laura Kidd (fresh from touring with Tricky and her collaboration on ‘Automatic’ with Michael Gray, Eye Industries) and staggering shredding guitar licks from The Young Punx’ resident guitar virtuoso, Guthrie Govan. It’s dirty, it’s multi-layered and it’s loud – just the way they like it.

MASHitUP is already creating vibrations across the globe. From performing it live to a rapturous 15,000 strong crowd alongside the Stereophonics in Yokohama Arena, Japan, to featuring it in their inspired DJ set alongside Tiesto at Ibiza super club, Privilege, it’s going down an absolute (electric) storm.

Discerningly keen-eared blog tastemakers have been onto this for some time, sharing and hyping MASHitUP since mixes surfaced 6-weeks ago. Support from key blogspots, such as Discodust, Discobelle, Get Weird and Monster Says Rawr – considered instrumental in unearthing and breaking the hottest of fringe and underground acts – are all marking The Yong Punx as one to watch this year:

“I love the original on this, The Young Punx are bad as fooook, will be playing this :)”
– Micky Slim

Filmed out and about in Old Street, London, and more intimately at Hoxton’s cult ‘Phone in Sick’ night, hosted by Jerry Bouthier, MASHitUP’s video is a visual feast of freakish fun. Cut and animated by renowned Dutch Digital Artist, Han Hoogerbrugge, if you’ve ever wondered what Old St might look like should a troop of bikini-clad clowns invade, take a peek and wonder no more…

Mixes come from the Berlin Battery’s Shir Khan and new MofoHifi signings, Goshi Goshi. Shir Khan is undoubtedly one of the finest German DJ / Producers to have emerged in recent years and underlines exactly why he deserves the hype with this mash-up of electro house style leads, distorted e-guitar solos, baile funk drum rolls and a shuffled groove. All in all a massive record already singled out by Pete Tong for inclusion in his Fast Trax Show – “Totally rocking remix!”

Goshi Goshi lean their mix towards the ‘sound of 2008’ fidget house. With a banging combination of retro rave revivals, dropping basslines and glitchy beats, they deliver a killer peak-time remix.

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Super Mal crashed on to the scene in 2006 with their first production ‘Bigger than big’. It was snapped up by a major label and they found themselves sitting on a top 20 hit! All good, but rather than aim for the charts again James Crompton and Lyndon Coyne took their sound back to the dancefloor, focusing on building their label, Bandito Records. Fast forward to 2008 and they have a catalogue of quality house music, a worldwide fanbase and a reputation for delivering retro arcade videos like no other!

Phonat a.k.a Michele Balduzzi has been seriously turning heads since his move from Florence, Italy to London. His innovative approach to production, creating a uniquely catchy mix of house and electro has seen him described in the press as ‘a hyperactive Daft Punk on happy pills…’

Super Mal and Phonat first linked up when Phonat remixed the Super Mal single ‘Light Years’. The remix was amazing and garnered support from the likes of Pete Tong and Annie Mac on Radio 1. Suitably impressed, Super Mal picked up the phone and ‘Pixelated’ was soon to follow…

‘Pixelated’ delivers a warm, chopped and filtered loop that keeps on building until the cut ‘n’ paste vocal and giant bassline drop in, to create a massive uplifting groove guaranteed to rock any dancefloor. The breakdown strips back into a funky electro loop full of bleeps and squelches before that huge filtered loop is back to test the speakers to their limits

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Big on Judge Jules radio one. The Roof is ON FIRE!

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sample replay by Replay Heaven.

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