The lovechild of sleazy East London disco and jpop-esque female vocals, Laura Kidd’s perky performance adds vocal bounce to the track’s twisted disco vibe. Perfect for late-night, back-alley antics ‘SugarCandySuperNova’ is the Punx latest offering to be lifted from current album ‘Mashpop & Punkstep’.

Calling in remix favours from fellow stirrers of the scene MofoHifi have put together a world class remix package. First in the party is Per QX, self proclaimed leader of the Dalston Gay mafia and founder of Gutterslut, creating a gritty electro workout. Meanwhile LA’s Acid Girls bring their own unique blend of cool weird electro to the party. Superfrank arrives armed with guitar blended big beats and Redroche provides the massive big room house banger. Read more

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At last, on vinyl, the ‘Mashpop and Punkstep Club Mixes Volume 1′.


Side A

Never Die (Part 2)

SugarCandySuperNova (Per QX mix)

Side B

Juice & Gin (Riva Starr mix)

Ready For The Fight (Black Noise mix)

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This time the Italian wonderkid gives his own personal take on the French house sound with a groovy twisted number, characteristically chopping up, glitching and re-pitching many different singers performing the word “love” to create a melody which is simultaneously an abstract deconstruction of pop lyrics, and also a catchy hook in its own right.

On the remix front new French prodigy Bestrack gives the track a career defining makeover taking Phonat’s original concept and extending it into an epic and entrancing journey through a variety of styles.

<em>‘Love Hits The Fan’</em> is complemented by a visually stunning CGI video which has set the blogs alight in its first week on Youtube. Produced  by Rocco Pezzella and the “Savants Collective” – who develop all of Phonat’s artwork and his MTV play-listed video for “Set Me Free” in 2009 – this beautiful promo re-enforces MofoHifi Records’ long standing policy of eschewing traditional routes for video development, instead partnering their acts with independent visual artists who work hand in hand with the musicians to create new and exciting visuals.

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A triumphant collaboration, the track blends the group’s London electronica with the vocal talents of Memphis-based, indie hip-hop don Count Bass D.
Despite radically different musical and cultural backgrounds both artists have developed a great respect for each other’s work and come together to create a unique and moving track. Seamlessly combining the best of post Daft Punk, European dance production with big room hip-hop vibes, in a moving tale of resolve and determination in the face of great adversity. Read more

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“It’s been described as an Acid House Bohemian Rhapsody, it takes in 25 styles during it’s course, I like it” – Rob da Bank on BBC Radio 1

“This guy F**ks with all the rules” – Norman Cook

“Learn to Recycle is six minutes of utterly unique music” – IDJ

“Phonat has frequently stunned us with his none-more-innovative productions over the last few years, coming across like a hyperactive Daft Punk on happy pills…… By the end, you’re exhausted, perplexed, flabbergasted, and left with the feeling that all other music is boring, unimaginative, repetitive trash. Wow. 10/10″ – Data Transmission

Unique, innovative, rule breaking, genre-spanning….just a few of the plaudits that have been used to describe the works of Phonat, the seven foot mop-haired Italian who’s been catching the ears and attention of the ever intangible ‘tastemaking set’ over the past few months.

Annie Mac, Annie Nightingale, Andy George, Rob da Bank and Pete Tong have all been championing the producer since last year, when singles ‘Incredible Sound’, ‘Ghetto Burning’ and ‘Learn To Recycle’ marked him as one to watch for 2009 and beyond. Now readying the release of his eponymous debut album, Phonat has created a panoply of chopped up riffs swirled around murky basslines, a world where guitar-driven dancefloor fillers meet bleep-filled fantasies for fun, friendship and possibly more.

Originally from Florence, Italy, Phonat (aka Michele Balduzzi) was first spotted by MofoHifi Records on MySpace and they were so impressed with the 21 year old that the loving label bosses persuaded him to leave his parents’ idyllic country farm in Florence and move to a bed sit in Canning Town. Armed only with a five-year-old computer and an electric guitar Phonat dutifully relocated to London in late 2007 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Drawing on every vein of dance music, from hip hop to house, garage to breaks Phonat’s expert use of a vocal hook is also evident, most noticeably on the Yolanda vocalled ‘Ghetto Burning’ and next single ‘Set Me Free’ – where classic 80s style rock vocals sit atop a stacatto-synthed stomper.

Phonat may have arrived on the scene late last year, but with DJ bookings and remix requests coming in from across the world and his album ready to hit the streets, 2009 is set to be an busy year for the big Italian.

‘Phonat’ by Phonat is released on MofoHifi Records on September 21st. ‘Set Me Free EP’, featuring remixes from Avicci, Louis La Roche and High Rankin was out August 24th.


1. A Warm Welcome
2. Get Down My Dirty Street
3. Set Me Free
4. Ghetto Burnin’
5. Love Hits The Fan
6. Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde
7. It’s For You
8. Learn To Recycle
9. The Big Deal
10. Zombie Army
11. Bad Boy
12. London

Available at all major sellers.

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Our favourite review so far – Not for the faint hearted though!!


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Massive new club anthem on MofoHifi Records, with groundbreaking remix from Phonat.
London based electro producer Sharooz was first introduced to the dance world by MofoHifi in 2006 with his debut release “Hell Yeah!” which received over twenty BBC Radio One plays and featured on numerous high profile compilations.
Three-years on and his star is still rising. Sharooz’s productions can now boast a clutch of leading taste-maker fans including 2 Many DJs, Moby, Mylo, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, and Kissy Sell Out; an appeal which hasn’t gone unnoticed by club promoters, securing him DJ bookings in Serbia, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, USA and France. After topping many of the main dance download charts earlier this year with “Get Off”, Sharooz is back with his third release on MofoHifi – “Adrenalize”.
Adrenalize is a tough, big room crowd pleaser combining his trademark simple biting basslines and epic builds, with a triumphant piano break that has been raising the roof in Ibiza over the past few weeks.
Early support for the track comes from Fake Blood, Steve Aoki, Meat Katie, Grum, Dada Life, The Young Punx and many others and it looks set to be one of the underground dance records of the year.
On remix duties, MofoHifi artist Phonat, building up to the release of his forthcoming debut album ‘Phonat’, delivers a radical and innovative remix that creates a sound fusing the worlds of Dubstep and French house. Never one to deliver a predictable sound, the seven-foot Italian has been inspired by the increasing integration of the Dubstep scene into mainstream Ibiza clubs such as “Reclaim the Dancefloor” to create a Dubstep influenced groove that can be easily dropped by house DJs in their steps without changing tempo.

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Italian producer Phonat has been catching the ears of a fair few tastemakers with his last few single and EP releases.  Add the likes of Annie Mac, Annie Nightingale, Andy George, Tiesto and Pete Tong to the list above and you can see why the lofty Italian has been marked out as one to watch this year.

Now, ahead of his eponymous debut album due out in September, Phonat releases ‘Set Me Free’ a staccato-synthed stomper of a track, where classic 80’s rock vocals provide the support.  A standout from the forthcoming album, Phonat hasn’t skimped on remixers with the first coming courtesy of Avicii, the latest ‘made’ man in the Swedish House Mafia.  Proving his pedigree Avicii chops vocals and swirls synths to create a hands in the air Balearic bomb, early copies of which are already becoming staples in the record boxes of the more discerning DJ.

Bleeps and basslines are the order of the day on High Rankin’s re-rub as the dubstep dandy leads listeners to the dancefloor, albeit down a slightly murkier back route, before Louis La Roche’s Reconstruction adds a tougher, twisted edge to complete the package

With previous singles ‘Incredible Sound’, ‘Ghetto Burning’ and ‘Learn To Recycle’ Phonat (aka Michele Balduzzi) has showcased his ability to draw on every vein of dance music, from hip hop to house, garage to breaks and left fans eager to hear more.  Now with DJ bookings and remix requests coming in from across the world and his album ready to hit the streets, 2009 is set to be a busy year for the big Italian.  Not bad for a man who arrived in London from Florence little over a year ago with just a guitar and a five-year-old computer.

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In a rapidly changing industry, record labels and bands are coming up with new and creative ways of financing their acts, by forming partnerships with brands. Following in the footsteps of Bacardi’s partnership with Groove Armada and Nike’s partnership with Kanye West, The Young Punx are pleased to announce their partnership with the German beer giant Warsteiner – one of Europe’s largest independent breweries.

Warsteiner’s MD fell in love with The Young Punx’ music and iconic brand imagery and the resulting deal will see them partner on Warsteiner’s German conceptual music and arts events platform ‘Liquid Cube’ throughout 2009.

The deal includes The Young Punx performing at ‘Liquid Cube’ events across Germany that combine band live performance, DJ performance and visual arts. Supporting this, a major press advertising campaign and competition featuring the band is currently being featured on MTV Germany. Ten thousand CDs featuring the band’s single ‘MASHitUP’ will be given away in cinemas and the band have recorded several podcasts and created exclusive tracks which will be available on the ‘Liquid Cube’ website.

The move helps strengthen the band’s presence in a country, which is renowned for pioneering electronic music. Hal Ritson from The Young Punx – “It’s very exciting to have formed this partnership in a country which in many ways is the birthplace of electronic dance music”.

The Young Punx will be appearing in Ibiza exclusively at Pacha this summer, as well as performing various festivals in Europe and Asia.

For more information, please contact:
Joseph Stopps
FML Music Management

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Many thanks to Jaymo and Andy George for playing “Set me free” on Radio One, standing in for Annie Mac. Their kind words:

“My favourite song so far of 2009…’s absolutely amazing…….really beautiful, lots of wicked riffs…..goes really mental!”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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“My favourite song so far of 2009… it’s really amazing. lots of wicked rifts that go real mental”- Jaymo and Andy George on Radio 1 covering for Annie Mac.

“this guy F**ks with all the rules” – Norman Cook

The eagerly awaited new EP from the Italian prodigy paves the way for his debut album release this spring.

The “Set Me Free EP” is a follow up to the innovative and critically acclaimed “Learn to Recycle” which was celebrated as one of the most adventurous pieces of electronic music to be released in 2008 and was described as the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody for the acid house generation’.
Support has come thick and fast for Phonat from top DJ’s such as Annie Mac, Annie Nightingale, Andy George, Rob Da Bank, Herve, Kissy and Pete Tong.

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“Set Me Free”

“Set Me Free” is an uplifting and inspirational club track which draws together three separate themes from current house music – disco revivalism, rave revivalism and wonky fidget. It combines them in a fresh sounding summer anthem that unifies many aspects of underground dance within one, highly accessible track and shows that dance music, so often divided aggressively by sub genre, can unite defined by its similarities more than its differences.

The EP also contains a re-edit of “Set Me Free” by East London Nu Disco outfit, Tasmanian Disco Stampede, re-focussing the track on its more funky elements, for more disco based dancefloors.

“Get Down My Dirty Street”

“Get Down My Dirty Street” is a unique and entertaining track, created from tiny fragmented micro-samples of different songs; rock, country, pop, soul, rap and metal, which start off playing as a stark disjointed chaos and slowly coalesce into a cohesive whole and then wonderfully form an upbeat party breaks bomb. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

“Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde” – (“I’ve Seen a Green Picture”)

Finally, “Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde” shows off Phonat’s more minimal side – a trippy yet bouncey stripped back club tool which explores the sparse soundscapes, yet doing so with a sense of charm and humour so rarely seen in that field!

The track name translates from Phonat’s native Italian as “I’ve Seen a Green Picture” and is derived from a drunken bet with a friend made when he was living in his native Florence, in which they invented a variety of surreal and ridiculous pretend song names, and bet that one day ‘when they were successful’ they would be able to release an album that actually included one of the names in the tracklisting!

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Deltawave describe their music as Electro-Disco-Indie-Pop and have been recording and self-producing their debut album ‘Discophobia’ in their Yorkshire studio. The north of England is known for producing electronic music and Deltawave continue this fine heritage, redefining the scene with their own unique style of dark brooding electro pop.

MofoHifi Records discovered the band on Impressed by the strong song writing and production, they immediately got in touch with the band.

“I visit thousands of myspace sites and I was instantly hooked when I heard Deltawave” says Hal Ritson, A&R for MofoHifi, “Every song on the album is a single.” The label drove up to York to meet the band and see a rehearsal, which completely blew them away. “The guys put together an incredible show“ raves Hal, “It is rare to find artists in this genre who can also perform live, but Deltawave are definitely one of them.”

The band continue to play venues across the north of England and have also managed to grab the attention of XFM where they recently won a listeners poll on the Clint Boon Show.

MofoHifi plans to release their debut album early next year but keen to introduce the world to Deltawave, they are releasing ‘The Strychnine and Soda EP’. The three track EP serves as a great introduction to the band’s music and includes the radio friendly ‘Strychnine and Soda’; the band at their most electro with ‘Information Overload’ and the haunting ‘Another Last Chance’.

This debut release continues MofoHifi’s policy of breaking brand new electronic artists and has seen the label launch the careers of leading players The Young Punx and house producer Sharooz and the directors of the label are also behind the career of electro icon Howard Jones who sold 8 million records worldwide. MofoHifi Records is very excited about bringing Deltawave’s music to the world.

DELTAWAVE ‘The Strychnine & Soda EP’ will be released digitally on 18th September on MofoHifi Records (Cat no. MFHD002) with further tracks appearing on vinyl and CD in the coming year.

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This debut release continues MofoHifi’s policy of breaking hot new house acts – that has seen them launch the careers of leading players The Young Punx and Sharooz (who’s current club smash “Hell Yeah” has gathered massive support across the board from Jules to Tong to Sanchez).

“Pressure to live” is a dark but upbeat summer anthem that harks back to the golden era of US vocal house in the late 80s and early 90s, with an infectious retro sound that is given a modern twist for today’s clubs. The vocal message, which expresses the pressures and challenges of modern life – and the resulting need to let off steam and party – is sure to strike a down-to-earth but uplifting chord with today’s clubbers.

The track is co-written Charles Hope who was also behind the 2006 UK Top 20 hit “I See Girls” by The Hound Dogs. Charles is also behind projects such as Alexia and Sunray feat Kym Mazelle. The track is also co-produced by Hal Ritson of The Young Punx who has also produced and/performed on chart hits such as Eric Prydz “Call on me”, Supermode “Tell me Why”, Lovefreekz “Shine”, Uniting Nations “Ai no Corrida” and many more.

Pressure To Live is destined to be a party anthem with real commercial crossover potential.


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“Hell Yeah!” was Sharooz’s legendary breakthrough track on MofoHifi Records which launched him as an  electro producer to watch for the future. With its stripped hypnotic groove and absolutely epic breakdowns it is one of those classic club tracks that are 100% guaranteed to whip the crowd into a frenzy whenever and wherever it is played.

It was The Young Punx (who co-own MofoHifi) who spotted this little gem and signed it to the label immediately after hearing Sharooz himself DJ the record. The track was given its name unwittingly by Robbie Rivera : Sharooz sent him a demo version of the track while he was working on it, and asked Robbie in an email if he would play it. Robbie’s email reply was simply “Hell yeah!” and that became the name of the track.

With relentless radio one play from Judge Jules, Pete Tong and Roger Sanchez this become a classic track that still sounds as good now as the day it was released.


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2005 saw The Young Punx launch themselves into the world dance scene with a series of high profile remixes and their own tracks which appeared on numerous Radio shows, dance floors and Compilations across the world. BBC Radio 1 alone played Young Punx productions over 50 times last year. 2006 has already seen The Young Punx enter the Radio 1 playlist with an edit of their new mix of Studio B’s ‘C’mon Get it On’ being the lead cut. Now MofoHifi releases some Sci Fi insanity with ‘Interplanetary’. “Interplanetary” sees the Young Punx go interstellar carving and mashing up the Carpenters ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’ to create a fresh serving of Sci Fi grooving house.

MofoHifi is also pleased to present a host of stellar remixes for ‘Interplanetary’ from some of the hottest talents around. Recent Club Chart Number One act Soul Shaker create an infectious grooving electro vibe coupled with latino percussion. Current Jules favourites Digital Dog bring lots of dirty bass to the party. The Legendary Phunk Investigation chill the whole thing down filling the track with delayed guitars and luscious pads. And Newcastle’s finest Openair produce a euphoric house builder. Last but by no means least the underground Los Angeles electro artist Max Neutra’s remix is full-on funky electro-breaks at its best (mp3 exclusive mix).

“Its inter-planetary and it is truly one of the tunes of the year thus far… The boys original is the best.. I will chart at number 1 and am about to hot foot it to the airport (Miami madness) and it is at the front of the wallet… THIS WILL BE HUGE” - Richie Roberts (FCUK FM)

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The Young Punx are back taking a sideswipe at society’s current obsession with plastic surgery with their new single “Young and Beautiful”.

“Young and Beautiful” is a peak time party piece with sure fire crossover appeal, blending strutting disco vibes with hints of Scissor Sisters pop perfection and cheeky dialogue. Meanwhile on the remix front, Paris’ Laurent Konrad does an outstanding job of turning the song into an all-time classic French house club track, and The Young Punx remake the song as a funky electroclash workout in their “Fembot Funk” mix.

Having made their name over the past couple of years with a series of irreverent and eclectic mash-ups and club tracks, merging elements of popular culture with floor filling house, breaks, drum and bass, 80s pop and heavy rock, The Young Punx are rapidly becoming the new darlings of UK dance music.

So far in 2005 their remixes of Plastic Dreams – “Fuse (Move your body”), Phunk Nouveaux – “Whatever”, Groovecutters – “We close our eyes” and Mohito – “Slip Away” have all been in the top 10 of the club charts, received regular Radio One play from Judge Jules and Pete Tong, and featured on many top dance compilations. New remixes of De’lacy’s classic “Hideaway” (Buzz chart number 3 and 5 dancin’ men review in update) and Hound Dogs “I like girls” are set to have an even bigger impact.

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