Alizzz – Loud EP

MofoHifi Records presents ‘Loud’, an EP from new Spanish electronic producer, Alizzz, which follows his teaser first release, “Neon Lights” earlier this year.

In common with his label-mates, Bobby Tank and Phonat, Alizzz revels in the luxurious melodic synth aesthetic of the 80s, super-tight post-dubstep beats and deconstructed vocal glitches. Favouring a lush, soulful route and bathing the listener in chordal bliss and RnB vibes, if ‘Brostep’ is the disease, Alizzz is the cure – furnishing the 140bpm world with tracks that eschew ear-grating Massive drops in favour of harmony, key changes, solos and slick 80s soul. The pulse of dubstep remains, but refocused as a platform for synth-beauty and boogie.

Based in Barcelona following a two-year stint in Berlin, Alizzz pays due reverence to his time absorbing the audio culture of two of Europe’s key electronic music meccas, whilst working closely with his London-based MofoHifi colleagues to develop his own unique take on an emerging UK sound.

The Loud EP is available exclusively on Beatport on 9th August, then on full digital release on 27th August. Loud, Tactel, Cruel, Loud (The Young Punx Mix).


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