Alizzz – Neon Lights

We’re well excited about out new signing to MofoHifi – Alizzz, from Barcelona. He’s making luscious soulful 80s synth based dubstep that is the biggest antidote to brostep we’ve ever heard.

“Dark places that flash with neon lights, just before dawn”

“Neon Lights” is the debut MofoHifi single-track release for emerging Spanish producer, Alizzz. Tough analogy glitch-beats, fuzz bass and glossy synth-bathed rhythms are steeped in the rich sonic textures of Alizzz’s warm melodies. Based in Barcelona following a two-year stint in Berlin, Alizzz pays due reverence to his time absorbing the audio culture of Europe’s two key electronic meccas. Influenced by indie, soul, funk, maximalism, dubstep and RnB but with no firm allegiance to one-specific genre, Alizzz is a welcome addition to the growing roster of a label the likes of Phonat and Bobby Tank call home.

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