Arveene & MiSK – ‘Love Money Music Body’

Arveene & MiSK – ‘Love Money Music Body feat. Aaron Smyth’ by MofoHifi Records

Annie Mac: “Just listened to Love Money. I love it”

Zombie Nation: “I love the Polymath remix. Evil Nine remix is great too!”

Nt89: “Arveene & Misk’s new EP is a BOMB, the Inflagranti remix is amazing”

Burns: “Quality release as always from these guys, always top notch!
European Sex Music at its best!”

The list of supporters ‘Ones To Watch’ (Tilllate), Arveene & Misk, frequently command for their tracks often reads like a who’s who of dance music, and their recent remix credentials boasts commissions from Kelis, Justin Robertson and The Japanese Popstars.

There’s no doubting for MofiHifi the trajectory of A&M’s rapid accession, and this, their second release for 2011 (the first for MofoHifi) maintains such a course.

In ‘Love Money Music Body’, A&M employ the vocal talents of Aaron Smyth to create a proto-house sleaze fest that wears its Chicago influences on its sleeve.

Remixes from Evil Nine, Inflagranti and Polymath came about as much from a respect for the duo held by those asked as it did a label A&R move. The trio of producers cornering off all ends to create the ideal package no matter which way it falls. Solid.

Arveene & Misk ‘Love Money Music Body’ is on full release from 16th May

With limited promos on Beatport from 28th March

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