Polymath – Babootee E.P.

The youthful Scot Martin Gowans aka Polymath hit our club radar early last year. We made some noise about his music. Punks Jump-Up, Dom Rimini, Wolfgang Gartner, Kissy Sellout, Andy George, The Young Punx and Supermal all came forward and said they loved Polymath’s records.

It went to his head and he soon spiraled out of control. Drinking ‘Buckfast’ for breakfast, shouting at old ladies and tagging himself in everybody’s pictures on Facebook. The shimmering disco-glitch good times and sunshine of the ‘My Way To Surf EP’ and his remix of Futureheads ‘Heartbeat’ got abandoned in the corner. Told to face the wall. Self gave way to ego and something begun to manifest.


Unlike the ‘My Way To Surf EP’, all the tracks on Babootee are squarer, more solid. Low-end ballast. Music to grimace to and punch your fist at; much the like the weather in Inverness, which is incidentally where Gowans professes to come from. Tougher and meaner (also like Inverness), sharp and direct.

Apathetic producers of ‘electro’ stand-aside. Make room for the boisterous, thundering heaviness of Polymath. Or else!

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