Map Of Tasmania – Peaches confirms collaboration with Amanda Palmer and The Young Punx

Amanda ‘Fucking’ Palmer and The Young Punx have confirmed notorious gender warrior and electro icon, Peaches will rap on their current viral hit, “Map of Tasmania”. Undoubtedly the first club track in history to combine ukuleles, big beats, witty lyrics and a message about feminist body politics and… um… ladies muffs.

The video directed by Michael Pope, which features a wide variety of Haute Couture merkins (pubic wigs) premiered just over a week ago on leading music website “Spin” magazine, since clocking up quarter of a million views in one week.

Amanda Palmer (of ‘punk cabaret’ act the Dresden Dolls) and electronic dance act The Young Punx are both known as agent provocateurs of their respective music scenes, always challenging expectations and combining great song writing with a puckish sense of humour.

Map of Tasmania, a common Australian euphemism for women’s pubic hair (look at an atlas, you’ll see why), sees Palmer combining catchy calypso melodies with a simultaneously hilarious and serious message about women’s right to choose whether they shave or not! The Young Punx add a distinctly UK sound, re-imagining the track as a M.I.A-esque club anthem.

Speaking to “Spin” magazine, Hal Ritson of The Young Punx commented:

“The great thing about this project is the total freedom from the ‘rules’ that a major record company would have constrained an artist with. Both Amanda Palmer and The Young Punx are well known for turning their backs on the ‘old dying record business’. Here we have a Ukelele strumming cabaret singer songwriter teaming up with an electronic producer to make a bassline heavy party club track and about pubic hair with a serious body politics side angle. With a video featuring prominent armpit hair and merkins! There is simply no way that the corporate music machine would allow such a creation to come into being.”

Video director Michael Pope added:

“Map of Tasmania is important. On the surface its a song about girls growing out their pubes. Underneath that however is a call to everyone, woman and man alike, to discover the courage to be themselves.”

An Mp3 of the first version of the track (sans- Peaches), which hit music blogs just before Christmas appears on Palmer’s second solo album, “Amanda Palmer goes down under”.

A variety of new club mixes by The Young Punx and others including Peaches’ new vocal will be released officially on MofoHifi mid-February, but are now available as an exclusive pre-release download from Bandcamp.

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