Polymath – “My Way To Surf” E.P.

Polymath burst onto the scene earlier this year with his ragbag full of samples and cartload of ideas. Martin Gowans aka Polymath has a taste for things that shine and a devilish eye for detail, cutting and shutting the least obvious of samples otherwise left to rust, welding and polishing them into pure monster dancefloor incarnations.

Bigwig Radio One jox, the likes of Kissy Sellout and Andy George gave way to Polymath’s door knocking, and so far this year the wee young Scot has notched up no less than twelve prime ‘electronica’ time Radio One spins.

Now ahead of issuing a brand new EP in early 2011, MofoHifi are pleased to release one of Polymath’s earlier master classes in sample shapeshifting.

The sound of Studio 54, gin & tonic and a gold brick being dropped into a blender at 5am, the 4-track ‘My Way To Surf EP’ may be loud, brash, glitched and ripped but it’s as funky as you like. Smoke that.

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