The Young Punx – “Ready for the fight (Feat. Count Bass D)” featured on EA Games “Fight Night Round 4″ game.

MofoHifi Records and Ultra Records are delighted to announce that the forthcoming track by The Young Punx – “Ready for the fight” is featured prominently as the title track on the highly anticipated new boxing video game “Fight Night Round 4″. The track is one of several songs from the ‘eclectic electric collective’s forthcoming album “Mashpop and Punkstep” to feature guest vocals from highly respected Memphis rapper Count Bass D.

Hal Ritson and Nathan Taylor of The Young Punx with Count Bass D

Hal Ritson and Nathan Taylor of The Young Punx with Count Bass D

“Ready for the fight” is triumphant cross genre collaboration between London-based electronic dance producers The Young Punx and Memphis-based king of the independent Hip Hop producers Count Bass D. Despite radically different musical and cultural backgrounds both artists have developed a great respect for each others’ work and come together to create a unique and moving track seamlessly combining the best of post Daft Punk European dance production with big room Hip Hop vibes in a moving tale of resolve and determination in the face of adversity.

The Young Punx are no strangers to the gaming world, having had 3 tracks featured on EA releases in the past 2 years, and having performed live at the EA Games “Be The One” event in Trafalgar Square recently. However, “Fight Night Round 4″ ramps this up a notch by using the track to soundtrack key scenes in the game as a core part of the gaming experience.

Even prior to the game’s official release, blogs and social networking sites have been buzzing about the track after it was featured as part of the pre-release demo version of the game, and rips of the song from the game, plus home made footage of the band rehearsing the track are both proving popular on Youtube.

The band recently performaned the track to 15,000 fans at the Nano Mugen festival in Japan, building up to the release of the album “Mashpop and Punkstep” in Fall 2009. This new album continues The Young Punx’ manifesto to break down the genre barriers inherent in electronic, dance and urban music, blending diverse and exciting musical styles to create new and vibrant sounds.

Buy the track on iTunes (LINK FOR USA / CANADA)

Buy the track on iTunes (LINK FOR MOST OF THE REST OF THE WORLD)

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