The Young Punx – Rockall

The Shipping Forecast is one of the UK’s greatest broadcasting institutions. ‘Rockall’ sees The Young Punx irreverently cut it up and recklessly mash a gale force 10 forecast into a rocked up, funky electro monster, forecasting the British Isles to Party. With a string of huge club records and remixes under their belts, The Young Punx are fresh from performing to 25,000 ecstatic Japanese festival goers, and are now threatening to be one of the biggest dance cross over bands of 2007.

Quintessentially English, The Young Punx, aka Hal Ritson and Cameron Sunders, are renowned for splicing pop culture with an attitude not seen since Fatboy Slim and Coldcut, but with a wry sense of irony and a stunning example of how to make original live dance music without samples. ‘Rockall’ sees them go to work on the shipping forecast, read, and now endorsed, by Radio 4 announcer Alan Smith.

“I’ve been on the radio nearly every day for the past 16 years – but this certainly is the first time I have ended up as the vocalist on a dance song! “ says Alan. “The Young Punx made the track without me knowing, but now I have heard it I really like it. It’s quite funny to think that people up and down the country are dancing to my voice”. The record also features virtuoso rock guitarist Guthrie Govan (Guitarist Magazine Guitar player of the Year) on lead guitar and Rob Harris from Jamiroquai on rhythm guitar.

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