The Young Punx - Destroy celebrity crap
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- MFH002: the young punx, "destroy celebrity crap"
- MFH001: the young punx, "young & beautiful"

Yup that's right. You can have the original edit of this track on mp3 for free. The 12" version is only available on vinyl though.

- Download Destroy Celebrity Crap (3.5MB)

"Destroy Celebrity Crap". Very limited white label run available October 2005.

A bit of a strange one this. On a bored bank holiday monday The Young Punx amused themselves by remaking Mylo's "Destroy Rock and Roll" but replacing the list of 80s pop stars in the vocals with a list of "overly hyped tabloid column whores that the world would be better off without" (to quote DJ mag).

They put it on the internet, together with a b3ta style video then the thing started to take on a life of its own. 20,000 people downloaded it in a couple of weeks. It got bigged up in Popbitch! It got bigged up in The Daily Star!(!) Leading international DJs started getting in touch asking for 12" copies to play out.

So now, "in response to popular demand" (as they say) we are floating out a very limited white label pressing of the full 12" mix of the track - which goes beyond the basic Mylo-parody of the original and becomes a full on banging Young Punx remix for the dance floor...

Artist: The Young Punx
Track: Destroy Celebrity Crap
Label: MofoHifi
Distributer: Unique Distribution (UK and international export)
Catalogue: MFH002
Released: October 2005