The Young Punx - Young and beautiful - The most insane, catchy tune i have heard all year - ten out of ten - Fat boy slim
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- MFH002: the young punx, "destroy celebrity crap"
- MFH001: the young punx, "young & beautiful"

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DJ Reactions
Norman Cook – (Fatboy Slim) – “The most insane/catchy tune I’ve heard all year. I will pound this record into peoples heads.” 10/10

Judge Jules - "I like it!" (around 7 radio 1 plays)

Fergie - (played on radio one)

Play on Radio one Essential Selection

Paul Newman – (Tall Paul) – “Yeah like it. Sounds great in the club.” 7/10

Daniele Davoli – (Worldwide) – “Like the track, and the Laurent Konrad mix is quite nice.”

Mike Gray – (Full Intention) – “More! This is great - Original mix for me.” 9/10

Tasty Tim – (The Cock/Heaven) – “The Young Punx are amazing....I love them. Great mixes.Am playing at The Cock and all over....Mykonos last week and Berlin this week.”

Nippa (Pacha/Space/White House) - "Simply superb. The Laurant Conrad mix is doing serious damage to my floors. As dirty as your girlfriend on a Saturday Night!"

Raymundo Rodriguez – (House FM/Ministry/Pacha) – “All the mixes seem to work...I think it will do well with fans off the Bodyrockers...” 6/10

Jim Ryan – (Miss Moneypennys) – “A very interesting sound with a definitive cross over vibe.” 7/10

Adam White – (Euphoria/Whiteroom/MOS Radio) “Fembot Mix 8/10 .. gonna play on radio show”

Anton Powers – (Juice FM) – “This is huge for me and I played it on the show last week.”

Sonny Wharton – (Renaissance) – “Good cross over track.”

Andrew Elmore – (Shadow Lounge) – “Very glam and very stylish and the mixes are working for me. Laurent Konrad is the one that’s working best. This is great!” 8/10

Andrew Galea –(First Recordings, Rouge / Café De Paris, London) “Wicked, like it”

Andy Smith – (Smudge & Smith, Impact Radio) “How can you not play such a quality tune. #7 in the chart”

Carlos Garcia – (Airtight/Pulse/Northern/Compulsion, Manchester)“Absolutely lovin the track”

Chas Summers – (Cheers/Bar Risa) – “Extremely likable with the most dirtiest synth bass line I’ve heard in ages. At 128bpm, it programmes well with Mylo, Bodyrockers, Dave McCullum etc. Not forgetting those very catchy girly lyrics.” 10/10

Chris Finan – (Claires, Torquay) “Laurent Konrad Mix – Excellent. Going down really well"

Craig Mcgiven – (Hed Kandi) “10/10. My biggest track at the moment”

Dan Mckie – (Openair) – “Awesome Konrad mix! This rocks!” 10/10

Danny Dove – (Turnmills/Coco) – “An awesome track. Its Phat!! It rocks!!!” 10/10

Danny Rose – (The Bridge/Oxford Uni) – “Great track - could be as succesfull as the England Cricket team !!”

Gavin Lampitt – (Federation/Housework) – “Glammed up house music, fusing 80’s electro style vocals over a discotastic funky beat. This really works for me.” 9/10

Greg Ibbotson - (Dance Academy) – “Laurent Konrad = excellent mix! Totally working my floors to brilliance! It’s a cracker for sure!” 10/10

Ian Allan – (Delux/Barracuda) – “Possibly the best release by the Young Punx to date. Been in my chart for 2 weeks and rising. Good stuff.” 8/10

Ivor Mullings – (Revolution/Pit Stop) – “A good mixture of spicey electro energy gives this muscle to barge in onto the scene.” 7/10

Jon Maby – (Millenium) – “This is great and instant. The Fembot mix tears it up! A real grower!” 10/10

John Kirvan – (Sundazed) – “Laurent Konrad mix is very jumpy and blippy with an electro feel. This is working really well in my sets at the moment. I played this early on to a good reaction from the girls. Intend to play it more as its gonna be big.” 7/10

Marc Littlemore – (2Kinky/Ludwigshafen) – “Loving this tune! Dirty electro funk!” 9/10

Mark Gregson – (Fuel/Nowhere) – “Young Punx do it again. This is probably their best joint yet. Really doing well over the past week. Very very nice.” 9/10

Matt Harris – (Elysium/Browns) – “Great piece of rocking house. Fresh and funky with some great elements all put together in the Laurent Konrad mix. Going down very well everywhere!” 10/10

Robert Walters – (AKA/Barroombar) – “Yeah I think this is cool. Played it in Sardinia last weekend at the beginning and at the end of my set. The Fembot mix is the one.” 8/10

Scott Littlehales – (Bar 5/Revolution) – “Good party tune and will work well everywhere. Fave Mix - Laurent Konrad . 8/10

Steve Austin – (Phat Grooves) – “Classy vocal. Catchy hooks, great bassline. Love the efx on the vocals. Great building track and great drops.” 10/10

Steve Elliot – (Olympic Radio) – “A dead funky and exciting track. Fembot funk mix.” 8/10

Tim Nice – (Malibu Surf FM) – “Fembot mix is the one for me.” 8/10